I knew I was in the right place.”

– L.J.

“Thank you Sara. Before acupuncture I used to cry a lot. My moods have been great. I feel like a rational person and I have my sanity back.”

– A.M.

“My husband used to call me his little pit bull. Now he says I am his little kitten. Usually when I leave my appointments, I am ready to hug the world and kiss the trees.”

– M.S.

“I suffer from extreme hot flashes. Because I have become extremely sensitive and allergic to medications, someone suggested I see an acupuncturist. I was very skeptical. Just the thought of several needles being inserted into my body was not a pleasant thought. When I met with Sara I discovered that acupuncture was used to relieve many different symptoms in the body. I have suffered from arthritis for 12 years, which became very painful when I entered menopause. After just one session the pain in my knees has subsided! When I get up from the couch I no longer look like a cripple until my joints warm up. It is absolutely amazing! The achy, painful feeling in my back has subsided. The day after my second treatment I cleaned my house for five hours straight with no pain in my back or knees!”

– S.B.

“My mind is not racing as much. Even things that are upsetting, I am not getting as worked up.Not over-reacting is a big improvement for me. I feel happier.”

– A.G.

“Physically I now feel good, with only minor aches and pains. Mentally something has shifted also. I have started to see a ray of hope and it seems like I have turned a corner. I want to live now. I want to get healthy, where before I didn’t. I am feeling a sense of vitality.”

– D.D.

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